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We are an internationally-trained team of Doctors with experience in The United States, Canada, England, Singapore, Vietnam, Central America and India. Through these experience, we have developed a system that works to identify and heal the root cause of your pains, problems, ailments and issues.

The Study of Chiropractic specializes in the spine, nervous system and stress detecting the root cause why the spine misaligned.

These spinal misalignments cause pain, irritability, sleep disturbances, mood disturbances, lifestyle issues, relationship issues, financial struggles, sickness and disease.

Spinal misalignments also affect posture and the immune system and its capability to help you heal.

At Chiro Lives, we specialize in distance healing and coaching by identifying the root cause of your misalignments due to your lifestyle, habits, patterns and beliefs and the correction of those misalignments energetically and through understanding and healing.

Spine alignment is always changing and the more we can become aware of this, the more we can do to keep ourselves aligned.


Why Chiro Lives

We are all evidence based Doctors working to correct nerve irritation


We help you connect with all aspects of yourself. The more you connect with yourself, the more you can love yourself.


We help you change and shift which over time, becomes a great transformation. Transformation means nothing from the old remains. 


Growth occurs in a conducive environment. If the factors are set correctly, you will automatically and naturally grow in the desired direction. The key is to create the optimal environment. That is what we help you create. 


Healing is both active and passive. Our healers work energetically to heal you and then it is your job to maintain that elevated state of healing through the methods your will decide and discuss with your practitioner. 

Our Speciality

To create an optimal environment for transformation, growth and healing to occur spontaneously.

Chiro Lives, where Art, Science and Philosophy meet to provide a State-of-the-Art Healthcare Facility for India.
Chiropractic is a Drug-free and Non-invasive path to better health and wellness for your family.
Get Aligned with ChiroLives, our team of doctors look forward to serving you.
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We work on the metaphysical cause of your pain and stress to identify the root cause of why this particular issue is showing up for you, what you need to learn from it and how to let it go. We help you along every step so that the process is manageable and maybe even enjoyable. 


There are seven different types of trauma: mental, physical, emotional, chemical, spiritual, social and financial. We work on identification and healing of these traumas so we can let go of the past and move happily into the present moment. 


Sometimes, things are unexplainable. We believe in the soul at Chiro Lives and believe that there is karma that soul carries. Some of the healing we do with each patient is related to karmic stress that person is carrying and definitely needs to heal at some point. 

Love & Light

The highest place in us bows down to the highest place in you. At Chiro Lives, we are grateful for our clients and want to see the greatest results possible. We work tirelessly to manifest that. 


“My daughter has scoliosis. We visited the clinic in Baroda for nearly visits and my daughter’s spine is nearly straight now. I still take her to get her spine aligned at least once per month. Her grades and sleeping timings improved too. We love Chiropractic”


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